Lockdown Prayer Challenge!

Intercess as you dress

As you’re helping your child get dressed, or reminding your teenager that they probably should get dressed today – ask them, 'What can I pray for?' Then pray with them!

Can you make this 30 seconds a part of your daily routine?

Our church family is made up of people from many different backgrounds, nationalities and cultures. And it’s made up of people of many different ages! At Christ Church, we believe it’s essential to teach our children and young people that they can know God personally! We believe that it is the job of the whole church to be doing this: to tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord (Psalm 78).


At Christ Church we especially want to partner with parents, to help them to be confident to speak of Jesus in everyday life: when they sit at home and when they walk along the road, when they lie down and when they get up (Deuteronomy 6).


We continue to take safeguarding seriously. 


We are streaming our 10:30am service each week on YouTube. Our services are still aiming to engage people of all ages at different points. Usually our talks (now in two parts) are directed at adult listeners (as before), but do encourage your children to watch with you and go through the Kids' Worksheet (with puzzles, colouring, info, games, prayers etc).


Why not take the opportunity to talk your children throughout the service. Let them ask questions like “Why we do sing?” or “What does confession mean?”


Make the most of the time when it’s easier to answer questions in your living room, instead of in a room with 200 other people!


With no Kids' Planet on Sundays right now, tune in to Family Chat Friday at 10am each week: a weekly 15-minute episode aimed at primary age children. 


Parents can watch together with their kids and talk about what God is telling them as a family. With games and a craft idea too!

Different Days

Probably the best way that we can encourage our children’s faith, is to have a deep, sincere and growing faith in the Lord Jesus ourselves. A great way of nurturing our faith is through our small groups, where we can meet (virtually!) each week to encourage each other and to listen to God speak to us in the Bible.


Most of our small groups are continuing online at the moment. Get in touch with the church office if you’d like more information about joining one if you haven’t already.

Any Days

Reading the Bible at home – This is one of the best things you could do with your family each day. Listen to God speak for 5 minutes a day at breakfast. See our website for a review of Devotional Dippers, if you need somewhere to start.

Daily Video Devotionals – “Faith in Kids” are streaming daily 10-minute videos at 8:30am each day on Facebook. If you’re not sure what a “daily family devotional” could look like, have a watch for some ideas! (spoiler: It’s actually quite simple!)

New Resources on our website – From children’s Bible reviews, Spotify playlists, Baking through the Bible, Bible Science… have a look for some ideas for lockdown. You could even call it home schooling!

Praying – Wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing if a result of the lockdown meant that we talked to God a little bit more than we did before? Do you ever pray as a family? See April's “Family Chat Newsletter” for more ideas and tips on praying.

While we are in lockdown and meeting virtually on Sundays, here is an overview of our Families' ministry

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