The church is the ‘gathering of God’s people’ and throughout history this has been expressed by Christian believers coming together to pray, praise and listen to God speak through his word.  It is no small thing for us to stop gathering but the guidance is clear, we must do this for the sake of many in our nation.  We are introducing the theme to ensure we keep going in the Christian faith.  


Christians need to be continually feeding on God’s word for our spiritual health and growth.  To this end, we aim to stream a morning service each Sunday at 10.30am on our YouTube Channel (  We will also record the sermon from our evening service series which will be available on the same channel.  You can also download our app to listen to these on at your leisure.

We have Bible study notes, for all ages, available to send out to you if you would like them.  Email for your copy.












We need to be a praying church.  To this end we are setting aside Sundays as a day of prayer and will send out a weekly prayer sheet by email to enable us to pray collectively from our homes.  We will publish various devotional materials and videos, as we make them, to enhance your personal and family prayer and Bible study times.


As a church family we are to demonstrate Christ’s love in how we care for each other and how we reach out to those around us.  We have a strong network of Small Group Leaders and a Pastoral Care Team in place.  Please contact either or / 020 3137 5711.  We know that in due course, some in our church family will face various challenges and we want to be able to support and provide practical help where it is needed most.

Please can I also encourage you to show Jesus’ love to your neighbours in practical ways where you are able. 


Ultimately, the greatest gift we have to offer anyone is the hope of eternal life in Jesus. 

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We believe in a God who is sovereign over all things.
Christ Over Viruses and Infectious Diseases!
Our current theme is
Eat, Pray, Love to ensure we keep going in the Christian faith.