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Trent School

We are very thankful for our close partnership with Trent School, supporting school life with weekly collective worship, RE lessons, termly church services and much more - all helping Trent to thrive as a Christian school.

Attendance at Christ Church is one of the various admission criteria for the school which means many young families join us hoping to get a place there. If this is you, you’re very welcome - please come and say 'hi' and let us know this.

Trent is a wonderful school and can offer a great education for your child. But even more than this, in your time at Christ Church, we would love for you to discover the message of Jesus Christ: that we are created, known and loved by God, that Jesus came to forgive us, and that we can live with Him for eternity, starting now! We are a church who seek to know each other deeply, as family, sharing our daily joys and sorrows together.


We would love for you to be a part of this too. So please do make the most of your time with us at Christ Church. ​ 

Tips for parents

  • Early each January the church leadership team have a meeting to sign Supplementary Information Forms (required for those applying to Trent under Admission Criteria 4, 5 or 6). Please send these to the Church office in the preceding December. Please note that we count how long you have been attending Christ Church from this date.

  • Let us know that you’re looking for a Trent place. Say hello! Ask Celeste to put you on our weekly mailing list. Register your child here (we need to know their date of birth, so we know which year they start school in).

  • Come along to our Cross-over time. There is Creche/Ruby group for children. For adults, there is an Explore group each week – a chance to ask questions, or simply listen, about who Jesus is (it’s the “basics” of Christianity). Or there are weekly Engage groups as we talk about what difference faith makes in our everyday life. The groups are relaxed and friendly and a great opportunity to build friendships. Try them out!

  • Please note that the Trent Admissions Code states that parents should "attend a Church service averaging at least twice a month" to count as regularly attending. Because this is a legal process, if you do not meet this criteria, we cannot sign your form.

  • Please don’t join the church electoral roll unless you are planning on making Christ Church your long-term church family and committing to the church in the ways described in our ‘Belonging’ booklet.  Being on the electoral roll has no impact on your child’s application for a place at Trent School.


Tom Inman

Children and Families’ Minister

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